The Donna’s Corn Maze Express

For non-stop fun, the train at Donna’s Corn Maze zips around the park non-stop, all day and all night long. Kids can sit back, enjoy the scenery and take in the entire park without any exertion of energy. Ride them over and over. Included in your low priced entry fee.

Pillow Jump

Pillow Jump

This is brand new and so much fun, kids play on it for hours. It’s sort of like a trampoline but it’s on the ground (70′ x 40′) its huge!


Pedal Karts

These cool Karts are a blast! Kids and adults can enjoy these Karts and engage in some friendly competition with races. Great exercise and helps teach a new set of skills while having fun. We have an 1/8 mile track that is smooth, striped, fenced, and ready for racers.

Hay Ride

Hay Ride

Hay rides are the perfect way to take a break from the maze and enjoy the great scenery without all the walking. You’ll enjoy this 15 minute educational hay ride where we introduce you to the indigenous plants, trees, and terrain. Fun and educational and you may ride over and over at no additional fee. Included in your low priced entry fee.

Friendly Barn

Friendly Adventure Barn

This is a fun way to learn about animals that are from the Valley area. Livestock, from the moment they are born all the way until they become adults, and what it takes to keep them healthy and happy. Featuring fun, friendly animals, kids and adults will have an educational time visiting the Family Adventure Barn at Donna’s Corn Maze.

Corn Box

The Corn Box

The CORN BOX at Donna’s Corn Maze is just like a gigantic sand box, but it’s filled with kernels of corn. Kids love to fill their shirts with them and look like Santa Claus


Super Slide

The slide at Donna’s Corn Maze is a blast! Kids learn about gravity and its effect on moving mass. Plus, your heart races as you learn. It’s big enough to hold a lot of kids for nonstop good times. Climb up the stairs, grab a slick potato sack, and off you go. Included in your low priced entry fee.

Hay Mountain

Hay Bale Mountain

Kids love to learn. Especially when they don’t know they’re learning. This is Hay Bale Mountain. You need to learn about teamwork to get to the top, climbing and jumping from level to level. When you land, you land on soft hay. We can’t explain the phenomenon, but we see it every day – Kids love to climb on stuff!